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Balls and sockets

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You’ve probably noticed that most of the characters look very stiff and robot-like. They do. And I’m pleased to announce that this is not such a reflection of my poor drawing skills but more a reflection of the level of my computer skills at the time. I designed most of the characters with the intention of, one day, creating them in a 3D computer environment using packages such as 3D Studio Max, Soft Image or Cinema 4D. I had some minimal experience with these packages at uni but realized, at the time, that the technology required to replicate muscle mass and realistic moving joints just wasn’t around. So, I stylized my characters and gave them simple pivot joints (the kind that you can see in some of the animated movies of the time such as A Bug’s Life and Ants) so as to overcome the potential hazards that I may have encountered when animating the models.

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4 Responses to Balls and sockets

  1. Eranda says:

    mate truly remarkable work, your art is amazing and should keep continuing to do these. The detail in these correctors are brilliant. Art touches people’s inner souls and bring out the best in them, people that has the talent such a waste not giving art the time. I’m glad your back on track and use all the time in the world i believe your best work is yet to come.

  2. Cheers Eranda. I’ve made it a priority this year to get back on track and am looking forward to getting back into creating again. Is that your website that your name links to? Some amazing photography on there.

  3. shannon says:

    Hi Ralph (-:

    This is shannon. Just wanted to let you know that your website is really cool with all those very cool pictures that you drew.

  4. Will says:

    Hey Ralph, fantastic work mate! your very talented. Its great to see your website up and running. Keep me post on any updates, I’m curious to see your next work of art.

    Will (-:

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